The Office Filming Locations

The Office Filming Today!
February 9, 2012

^ I don't know who they are *haha* ^

^ You can't really tell from the picture, but the big door to the studio ^
was open :) 

^ Everyone's trailers and cars :) ^

I was so excited to see the trailers! :D  And also the Scranton Business Park sign was up, but it was hard to take pictures, 'cause I felt weird stopping *haha*

But it was so exciting to be there and know that they're all there filming an episode :D  I reeeeeaaaalllllyyyy want to see the sets!! ):  I hope somehow some day I can *haha*

I also went to go see Daryl's house, Meredith's house, Toby's house, and the church where Jim and Pam got married :D  I didn't take pictures this time around, but I'll drag my friend with me next time and take pictures then :)


Phyllis' Wedding
Season 3 Episode 15

Okay, I'm just gonna start out with saying it is so cool just to walk around this church.  Every corner you turn, there's another filming location! *haha*  They used every bit of it. :)  I didn't get to go inside this one either, but the outside was so awesome too! 

Side note: they also had these funny signs next to their security cameras that said something like "God is watching you, and so are these cameras."  I was scared to take a picture of it for some reason... 

Also, you should check out their website!  They have a list of things that have filmed there :)

The First Church of North Hollywood is located at 4390 Colfax Ave. Studio City, CA


Season 7 Episode 7

So, I already mentioned this church in the 'Bones' filming locations page, but if you didn't read that then... this is Church of the Angels. :) *haha*  It. Is. Gorgeous. Go there.  Seriously, you're just driving through neighborhood... driving through neighborhood... driving through neighborhood and then BOOM! gorgeous church suddenly.  These pictures don't even completely do it justice.  You must go. *haha*  And it's so much smaller than I had expected!  In the shows it's been in, they give the allusion of it being big.

I sadly didn't get to go in though... (1) because we were in a rush and (2) I don't think anyone was there anyways *haha*  On the shows though, the inside looks quite beautiful too :)  I hope to see it sometime.  But while you're in the area, you should also go down the road (Avenue 64) and follow it to the old Pasadena freeway.  'Cause it awesome.  It makes you feel like you're in the past.  It's so cool! *haha*

But getting back on track....
Church of the Angels is located at 1100 Avenue 64, Pasadena, CA


Fun Run
Season 4 Episode 1

The house where Jim and Pam went to the estate sale during the Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure. *hehe*

This house is located at 5306 Longridge Ave. Van Nuys, CA


Oscar's House!

The Secret
Season 2 Episode 13

Oscar's house is located at 5232 Longridge Ave. Van Nuys, CA


Jim and Pam's House!

Frame Toby
Season 5 Episode 8

Michael's Last Dundies
Season 7 Episode 21

This house is so cute!  The neighborhood around it is a bit different than I imagined, but it was still really awesome to see their house from the show :D  I was also sad that the house wasn't covered in flowers like it was in "Frame Toby."  I guess you have to visit it at just the right time. *haha*

Jim and Pam's house is located at 13831 Calvert St. Van Nuys, CA


The Search
Season 7 Episode 14

I used to go to a restaurant one block over, yet I'd never been to this place before.  And now... I'm vegetarian so I won't be able to try it. *haha*  But it looked like a really cool place to hang out and eat. And sorry about my not so great picture of the place... I felt really awkward taking a picture. *haha*  But you guys should check it out and tell me how it is :)

Larry's is located at 3122 W. Burbank Blvd. Burbank, CA.


It's The Office!

These first two pictures are from my first visit.  I went on my 17th birthday to go see it, 'cause I'm a dork like that.  It was so exciting to see it in person!

The picture above, along with the rest of the pictures are from my second visit to the studios.  I wasn't planning on taking any more pictures on this second trip, but I noticed that this time the cars were there!  I just had to take as many as possible obviously. *haha*
^ Stanley's car! ^
Also, you can see that Dunder Mifflin's address is covered up so as to not confuse people.

^ Dwight's car! ^

^ Next to Dwight's is Jim and Pams, then I think Andy's Prius, and Meredith's van in the back! ^

At the end of the road there's a gated parking lot and I noticed this props covered in tarps!
^ Jim Kit, Elevator?, Vance Refrigeration ^

^ Elevator Lobby ^

^Gabe Kit, Gabe Bathroom & Hall ^

^ Some wide shots of the props ^

Sadly the Scranton Business Park sign was not up that day, but it was so cool to see all the props and cars!  A fun trip!  I recommend it!

I love visiting the locations and imagining them all there, so cool!

The studio that The Office films at is called Chandler Valley Center Studios and it is located at: 
13927 Saticoy St. Van Nuys, CA


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